Did Derby City Council “do the right thing for Derby” by committing £32,000 per year to maintain Allestree Golf Course as parkland when they did not have to?

The Council think it is acceptable to waste £32,000 p.a. of your money at the same time as raising your Council Tax bill by 4.99%

One bidder met all requirements set by Derby City Council and could have been awarded a lease to operate the course at no cost to the Council, saving £32,000 p.a.

Any bidder requesting a subsidy below £32,000 p.a. would save the council taxpayers of Derby money compared to the current position of the course being turned into parkland.

Instead, Derby City Council have chosen to spend £32,000 per year of taxpayer money to keep the course closed.  This money could be diverted to worthwhile projects in the city.

The response below to our request via the Freedom of Information Act 2000 reveals that:

  1. Derby City Council have committed to spend £32,000 per year of your money to close the course and maintain it as parkland
  2. One bidder met all criteria set by Derby City Council but were rejected for requesting a subsidy, despite their bid to operate the course not specifying a figure for a subsidy

This proves the original process did not seek to achieve best value for the people of Derby and should be undertaken again. 

Reopen the golf course to profit from the post lockdown golf boom and undertake a tender process, marketed through appropriate industry channels, where the narrative of this important historic golf course is made available to bidders.